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Archive for July 2nd, 2017

Sour Sonnet to Carcinoma

Indiscriminate cacodemon; lesions with evil agenda Patron saint of spite; malodorous mutations Seven years of your malevolence weighs heavy, though breaks me not Despite thy blighting an eighth of mine two score and fourteen summers.   Odious demigod, taunting from behind barrier incurable You may win the war, though not every battle initiated Mine betrothed, lion-hearted in spirit, won’t acquiesce without fight Resistance a solitary option against rancid foes of thy ilk.   With posterior […]

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Hello Stranger!

This morning I opened the bedroom curtains to be greeted by a little seen spherical object overhead. Mustard of colour, it bequeathed a comforting warmth to my unshaven face and equally hirsute chest. Through tired eyes, I assumed either the sun had made a welcome return, or Laa Laa had been filled with helium again by his mischievous Teletubby friends. After managing to fully focus visually and gain some semblance of spatial awareness , I concluded it was […]

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