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Two years ago today the ‘voice of horse racing’ Sir Peter O’Sullevan passed away at the age of 97. Born in County Down, O’Sullevan was from a generation of legendary sports broadcasters whose distinctive tones guided millions of viewers through the BBC’s weekly sports show Grandstand. It was a time when sport provided me with a wealth of special childhood memories. Those […]

Painting the Town Incandescent Stewpot

This morning when I woke it was a relief to find the disturbing visions of my slumber had just been a dream. On waking I laid on my back looking upwards, experiencing the juxtapose of a warm and soaked brow despite the sensation of a ghostly chill. As I lay there, not only was I relieved my night-time nightmare had been merely a series […]

Service Levels Over Spirit Levels

Collateral damage, or casualty plot clandestine? Plot to cull with plot to kill? Austerity frontage; cleansing of unwashed behind shield? Poet of no political leaning, unsure of ruling class motives Will they ever tire of gorging on Wonka’s lifetime supply of goodies?   Mr and Mrs Lateral-Damages son Colin unfortunate […]

Time For A Break?

As I’m finding penning a daily blog of 500 words minimum is starting to make my head hurt, I was going to take a break from writing today. A consideration added to by news from my solicitors the Lenovo Ideapad, on which I ply my lexilogical trade, is threatening litigation. Apparently, this […]

Part of the Reality Show

Evincing patience is virtuous, so proverb claims An idiom once steadfastly embraced by the proletariat Instant gratification, though, now king in kingdom of the self-entitled In vogue devices deemed a human right by the misguided Even politics gives impression this is all a reality TV show When phone lines open, vote using my […]

Relationship Advice From Georgie B

Over dinner yesterday evening, Mrs S and I chatted with a background accompaniment of old vinyl albums from yesteryear. Our esteemed companions as we ate being The George Benson Collection, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and David Bowie’s Lets Dance album. We both concurred, listening to these performances from seminal musical artists enhanced our overall dining experience. Comfort music mixed […]

What Identity Crisis?

Over two hundred year roots in county of reverence Place of birth and 1960’s appearance by grace of god Baby boom nipper, Hyde Terrace emergence Taken northward while still fledgling.   Birds not on drift southward, as in migration Baby boomer appreciative of area resettled Despite heart always being beckoned […]

The Folly of Self-Diagnosis

This morning I overheard two middle-aged women exchanged details of ailments recently highlighted to them by their orthodontist. From my shameful eavesdropping on their gassing, I learnt there was such medical conditions as ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome’ and ‘Geographic Tongue’. Additionally, l acquired the knowledge, which if I’m honest I knew anyway, that I’m a […]

You Cannot Be Serious!

Throwback Thursday – An updated version of a blog posted two years ago today…… Today has been a painfully slow news day. The highlight thus far being a person on TV covering their nose at the precise time someone in our living room broke wind. The character in the movie Mission Impossible obviously wasn’t reacting to the flatulence in […]