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Archive for June 24th, 2017

Pretentious Prose

Wintertide At The Roundhay Fox Parkland situ alehouse Stout of porter and constitution Thou comforting embers aglow Warming soul and spirit from unwanted chill.Wintertide sanctuary from Theoi Meteoroi Sustain thy children until time of bell Till adieus fall silent from thy ears And the Peroni pipes cease. ———————————————————- The Road to Recovery 2014, bereft of identity, hybrid of accent Self-induced annihilation of the yeti in the aircraft hanger On the […]

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Hilda Chinwag

Yesterday, a family friend asked me the creative process I undertake when structuring a fictional character on random literary journeys. They also enquired what time Boots the Chemist shut at Colton Retail Park on a Friday. I was able to answer the first question but, as I’m not a chuffing retail park opening time directory, I told them to research the latter online. One of the most enjoyable, and on occasionally challenging, elements when attempting […]

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