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Archive for June 3rd, 2017

Uncertainty On Surreal Street

Yesterday, I wrote a short story which was completely (but deliberately) barking mad. I have to say, I can’t ever recall enjoying writing anything as much as I did those 1100 words. I belly laughed through large swathes of the text I was writing, as well as a read back during this mornings edit. However, now I have the dilemma of whether to publish it on my website My unease born from the fact I opine it crosses […]

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Chaste Paper & Beard Conundrums

This morning, I’m being taunted by the blank white page, as it gawps back from my poorly performing laptop. My frustration of suffering writers block exacerbated by the latency of my computer. Its responses so slow that the ‘live’ national BBC news being streamed to my screen is last Sundays! Sensing this doubly sourced frustration, the blank Word document appears to smugly goad me. If this word processing application could speak, I imagine its words would be along […]

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