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Archive for May 31st, 2017

Less Salubrious Family Traditions

I’m contemplating ridding myself of facial hair. It’s started to itch like hell and my wife recently liken me to Catweazle’s scruffier brother; and that was before I’d even grown this full beard. I personally see my increased facial hirsuteness as the unconventional move taken by lots of creative individuals. A strategy displaying to your peers that you don’t conform to the ideology of the masses (apart from watching Corrie and anything […]

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Loud Response to a Silent Auction Bid

Throwback to this time last year and a trip north to the cricket Test Match……   This is my first blog for a few days as I’ve been away in the north east of England. To clarify, it’s not the case you’re not allowed to write blogs in the area; so I’d hang fire with any plans to send me up there permanently. I’m alluding to the fact I have been otherwise engaged, so […]

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