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Archive for May 20th, 2017

Good Evening All

There is a saying that you know you’re getting old when policemen start looking younger. Well, I’m firmly entrenched in middle age now and I can categorically say that the copper, in the video clip below, doesn’t strike me as being in the throes of youth…………….The only way I would class him as young is if he suffered the same medical condition as Benjamin Button, ie he got younger looking […]

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Smarter Than The Average Berra

Precipitation engulfed east Leeds yesterday. A sign of the changeable climate in the UK was summed up perfectly by a glance outside at my barbeque. The previous day it was a cooking grill, yesterday was it was a soaking wet metal garden ornament standing forlornly in the corner of the patio. When I’m on hold awaiting the Samaritans answering my call, I occasionally read philosophical sayings online. I find it useful to learn the erudite musings of the intelligentsia as backup for the rare times I […]

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