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Archive for May 18th, 2017

Recognition for a Quarter of an Hour

During a conversation with my spouse yesterday, I opined that I felt pop artist Andy Warhol’s argument of “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” was a flawed observation…….  Actually, I said  he was talking out of his posterior……. Ok then I said arse! I backed this opinion up with the argument I don’t know anyone who has had a single minute of worldwide fame in their life……….. That is, […]

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Omnibus Journey To Arx Celebris Fontibus

Recently, my wife and I took the No.36 Ripon bus from Leeds, journeying to the charming North Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate. For a public transport bus ride, it turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant experience. Amongst the accoutrements provided on this coach were WiFi and USB access; in addition to each stop being announced via auto message by BBC Look North presenter Harry Gration. I’d never been so pampered on a bus journey before……. Unless […]

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