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How Do You Solve A Problem Like…..

Towards the start of the movie The Sound of Music, the nuns of Nonnberg Abbey sing of their exasperation at the behaviour of a flighty novice in the song How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? Well, never mind trying to resolve the conundrum of young Maria’s frolicking, I want to know how do you solve the problem of cats soiling in my garden? I don’t expect my question will be incorporated […]

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Combating The Silent Killer

Evidently, the 17th May is World Hypertension Day. Originating in 2005 and held annually, the aim of this 24 hours is to raise public awareness of ‘the silent killer’…….. To clarify, when I say ‘the silent killer’ I’m not referring to West Midlands hitman Frankie ‘Quiet Man’ Haithwaite**;  I allude to the condition of high blood pressure. The recommended blood pressures are less than 140/90 mmHg for the general population, unless you’re a Leeds United fan. We have been […]

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