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Claiming Squatters Rights at Jimmys

I’m starting this narrative sitting in a waiting room at the oncology unit St James’ Hospital. An unexpected attendance at the Leeds Teaching Hospital, after a family member was earlier given an emergency referral by his GP. A cautionary move seeking an oncologist opinion about the tumour complications he was experiencing. I assume it’s his tumour the female GP wants a second opinion about anyway. Not the oncologists take on the quality of the winning Portuguese song in Saturdays […]

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Taxi for Kaufman

Thirty three years ago today US entertainer Andy Kaufman passed away at the age of 35 after losing his battle with lung cancer. I pigeon holed the late Long Islander as an entertainer as apparently he didn’t like being classed as a comedian; evidently his preference was to be categorised as a ‘song & dance’ man. I’m not sure why I’m worried about upsetting Kaufman. After all it’s not as if he is going to […]

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