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Archive for May 13th, 2017

Wordplay in West Yorkshire

I don’t use the word propensity much. In fact, you could say I have the propensity not to utilise the word propensity. I’ve nothing against the colloquialism per sa, however, I have the tendency to proffer the word tendency in its place. Alternately, I sometimes have the inclination to use inclination as a substitute for propensity or tendency. On a rare occasion, I’ve had the predisposition to replace propensity, tendency […]

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All The World’s A Stage

Todays narrative is the 700th since I commenced my literary journey in spring 2015. I started this almost daily journal of partly fictional monologues (based on fact) in the March of that year, its aim a short term distraction from challenging issues affecting my family…… These are enduring issues that still remain very much part of my broods existence. They are penned with the express desire to give brief respite from the strain […]

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