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Less Salubrious Family Traditions

I’m contemplating ridding myself of facial hair. It’s started to itch like hell and my wife recently liken me to Catweazle’s scruffier brother; and that was before I’d even grown this full beard. I personally see my increased facial hirsuteness as the unconventional move taken by lots of creative individuals. […]

Wagner’s Terrier Fan Rhapsody

Yesterday, Huddersfield Town were promoted back to the top tier of English football for the first time in over 40 years. Despite being a fan of their West Yorkshire rivals Leeds United, I have to applaud David Wagner and his side for their unlikely achievement. Many Leeds fans won’t share my sentiments of congratulation, but […]

Grey Skies, Nothing But Grey Skies

The denizens of West Yorkshire have today emerged from their Bank Holiday lie in to leaden skies. An aesthetically displeasing weather state, diminished further by a now familiar accompanying breeze. Rarely a day goes by, regardless of season, where there isn’t a gust of some magnitude rustling the pyracantha or damaging the frail […]

Peter Brown Called to Say…..

In The Beatles song ‘The Ballad of John & Yoko’, John Lennon penned the words “Peter Brown called to say you can make it ok. You can get married in Gibraltar near Spain.” I thought of this lyric on Friday when someone also named Peter Brown called me on my landline. Unlike the late Liverpudlian, […]

Knuckles Harrison’s Crombie

It’s the English FA Cup final today. Due to my indifference about the contemporary game of football, with it’s over-indulged top professionals and endless pimping by Sky Sports, I’ll be giving today’s Chelsea v Arsenal game a wide berth. My viewpoint now the polar opposite of what I opined in […]

What’s The Password?

I lack the enthusiasm to write this morning. Although very much welcome, the raising of temperatures in West Yorkshire have exacerbated my current sleep deprivation, sapping my energy. Sitting here in my unlucky shorts (my lucky ones are in the wash after I got run over by a taxi in […]

Lexilogical Lessons in Leeds

I try hard to improve my vocabulary and introduce new words into my blogs. “Articulation is the essence of the lexicographer’s trade.” I was once told by an old acquaintance. I was initially sceptical about his words of advocation; after all would you take guidance from a man who had he […]