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Just Ask Andy Dawson’s Barber!

Yesterday evening I ventured to the Leeds City Varieties theatre in the company of my twentysomething son Jonny and his mate Josh. It was good to see them both as a) my son lives in York so I don’t see him much, and b) Josh is really tall and, since someone nicked my ladders, I’ve needed my upstairs windows washing. I hadn’t seen Jonny’s mate for a good few years and couldn’t believe […]

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The Taunting Blank Page

“White. A blank page or canvas. So many possibilities.” Words bequeathed by American composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim. Prose to re-assure the creative mind not to fear that chaste surface in front of them. A proclamation that the untouched parchment is at your mercy. Affirmation that the blank folio has no control over the creator’s process when constructing their art. Or as another artist proffered, “Fill thy bowl from the cornucopia of ideas at thine […]

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No Smoke Without Fire

Last week I spent a convivial evening at my parents home. Situated in a West Yorkshire village which was once a thriving coal mining community, it’s a setting you can always rely of a homely welcome. There’s invariably a warm glow in my mater and paters domain, the unfortunate consequence of having a mother who’s an addicted arsonist. In the evening, we dined on curry and merlot infused memories of yore. It was an impressive […]

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Facial Hair Conundrums

After managing to prise my eyes open with an invigorating visage wash this morning, I caught sight of my face in the bathroom mirror during the subsequent drying process. Although an amalgamation of Shield soap and warm water had returned the use of my eyelids, it was clear that the guy looking back was not in a state of full alertness. If truth be told he probably hasn’t been for around six years; the effects […]

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All Fools Day

It’s April Fools Day. As a consequence today will be littered with inane pranks, silly stories and tiresome practical jokes…… In other words, it’s business as usual at maison de Strachan. I find some practical jokes quite funny, such as filling hollow Easter eggs with toothpaste. However,, with Easter still a fortnight off our modest domain is currently bereft of chocolate eggs, so that prank will have to wait for another year. I’ve got to say, though, I’m not […]

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