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It’s Good To Talk

Recently, through a variety of media channels, there has been a big drive to raise awareness about mental health. Within these campaigns, there’s been a particular emphasis on educating sufferers that it’s okay to chat about their debilitating nemesis. This strategy seen as an important step in reducing the number of people who suffer in silence. I’ve written previously of a close friend with enduring mental health issues, who has spoken to me about the positive benefits he’s seen by adhering to […]

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A Bon Voyage Dinner

Yesterday evening the Strachan brood dined out at a local Italian restaurant. We’d congregated to partake in a Bon Voyage meal for my daughter Rachel, who next week flies to Canada for an as yet unknown duration. It was an emotional evening where wife Karen, my son Jonny, his fiancée Jenny, Rachel and me shared nostalgic family tales of yore, pasta recipes, parmesan and the black pepper. It was a moving couple […]

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Stag Do in The Shadow of the Castle

According to the ‘On This Day’ function on Facebook, two years ago today I’d just returned home from a stag weekend in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. As becoming of a group of men hurtling, or already in, middle age it was a relatively tame affair. There was plenty beer drunk over the three days, but the nearest we got to drugs were statins and high blood pressure inhibitors. As expected the weekend was meticulously arranged […]

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No Message Taken

The chapter of my life between 1988-1992 has featured heavily in my narratives this week. Memories predominantly evoked by a recent witnessing of a new movie charting the upturn in Leeds United’s fortunes during that era. During that same period, an early evening Saturday radio show was born on BBC Radio Five (later to become Five Live). I stumbled across this audio nugget by leaving the radio on at conclusion of Sports […]

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Magnanimous Mike

Yesterday I wrote of Monday evening’s attendance at the premiere of a movie chronicling Leeds United’s successful four year period (1988-1992), under the stewardship of Howard Wilkinson. That narrative ended at the point we’d left the cinema; making the short stroll towards The White Swan pub located next to the City Varieties theatre. Once ensconced within the pub, my buddy Mike and me headed toward the bar for our free beer. The thought of a […]

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Howard’s Way

Yesterday evening I attended a movie premiere in Leeds city centre. It’s the first red carpet event I’ve ever been involved in, unless you count last month when I clumsily knocking over a full bottle of rioja on the living room floor. In the company of footballing royalty, West Yorkshire dignitaries and fellow Leeds United fans, friend Mike and I witnessed the unveiling of the movie Do You Want To Win? This […]

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Joanie, Mindy & Ralph’s Freckles

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1970’s American kid’s comedy shows are well represented today when it comes to birthdays. Both Happy Days actress Erin Moran and Mork and Mindy star Pam Dawber celebrate the day of their birth, along with Ralph Malph’s freckles which are 50 today. Erin Moran who played Joanie Cunningham is 55 today, whilst Pam Dawber who played Mindy opposite Robin…

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