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Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of This

I had a bizarre dream overnight in which I replaced my current car with an eccentric sporty number. I can’t recall the make of car I’d purchased, but one of its main selling points for me was the velvet drapes that circumnavigated the car below the window line. It turned out to be a foolhardy impulse buy. One where I didn’t even have the common sense to ask how the drag from […]

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An Anything But Brief Encounter

Originally posted on Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred:
It was a dark unforgiving Lancastrian afternoon. In a scene not too dissimilar to Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson’s farewell in the 1945 movie Brief Encounter, an enamoured couple stood on the platform at Manchester Piccadilly railway station. In a matter of minutes the train would leave to distant parts. Tears welled in their ever reddening eyes, as they…

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