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March, Spring Altogether

I can’t believe the month of March is already upon us. We are now 1/6 of the way through the journey that is 2017. A relatively painless trip so far, apart from having to turn back home in January after Karen had inadvertently left the immersion on. As the cliché goes ‘Time flies’……. Except on a Bank Holiday, when the French air traffic controllers are normally on strike. Ah March….. A time […]

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Tired Out, Tired In

After waking early yesterday, accompanied by an inability to return to the slumber, my fatigue levels were at the heightened plateau last experienced when I worked nightshifts. Although the dream that woke me was weird, it could be by no stretch of the imagine be classed as a nightmare…… Unless you are freaked out by buying a shirt with defective buttons, which you can’t exchange due to losing the receipt. […]

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