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A Diminishing Window Of Opportunity

An early morning intervention of my nimbostratus nemesis scuppered todays plans of applying preservative to chez Strachan’s garden fencing. The wooden target area rendered untreatable by the thick charcoal cloud’s unwelcome precipitation. Even though I applied wood stain to the majority of my fence panels last year, this task remained a necessity as areas remain untreated due to being covered by deciduous climbing fauna. At the moment, I have a small window of opportunity to undertaken the work before […]

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I Was Watching Broadchurch

It’s Tuesday 28th March and I’m currently sitting with my missus at a Leeds oncology unit, awaiting her four weekly treatment. As I perch uncomfortable on a blue fake leather sofa, my eyes are drawn to three doors opposite. Adjacent to the matt grey doorways, signage kindly informs anyone who’s interested that this trio of portals lead to rooms for ‘NHSBT Clean Utility’, ‘Kitchen Staff Only’ along with a ‘NHSBT Store’ room. Also decorated with a […]

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Mother’s Day Musings

Despite it still being March, yesterday’s pleasant West Yorkshire temperatures allowed for our family Mother’s Day roast dinner to be consumed alfresco. The sunny temperate weather enabling my wife, adult children, my parents and I to sit comfortably at the patio table, whilst we chewed the fat…… I knew I should have bought a leaner cut of meat! Only kidding, the silverside cut of beef from a local butcher was bereft of fat, but thankfully not of […]

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2 Years Old Today

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of me setting up my website ( ). It has become a big part in my therapy to help with the more challenging circumstances my family are living with. In fact I’d say I’ve grown so fond of it that it’s now like one of the kids. Thankfully, not one who asks for money, lifts and a Man Utd strip! (The blogging site’s […]

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You Win Again

A journey east along A64 was the order of the day for my missus and me on Friday evening. Our trek was to see a show named You Win Again in the Minster city of York; a metropolis of beauty, history and manufacture of Kit-Kats. On arrival, after purchased a bouquet of flowers for my mater as a Mother’s Day present, we headed toward the restaurant Lucia’s for an early evening […]

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Almonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Originally posted on Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred:
Recently an acquaintance relayed an assumption they’d formed about relationships, in particular those where one party suffered from terminal illness. They opined, that under those circumstances the partnership would be one of unrelenting cordiality. After all your relationship together is on borrowed time; how could you possibly argue anymore? Their presumption being, despite the patient and family being under terrible…

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A Pointless Prize

Having just watched BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt, a couple of things immediately struck me. Firstly, my already held opinion of how rubbish Auntie Beeb’s competition prizes are was further endorsed. Secondly, that I’ll watch any old s***e on the telly. The winners of todays show, where two teams attempt to usurp each other at auction selling the antiques they’ve chosen from bric a brac stores, won the grand total of £21. That’s a […]

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