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Archive for January 29th, 2017


I encountered a new experience in movie watching on Saturday afternoon, when my wife and I ventured to the Everyman cinema in Leeds city centre, where we took in the movie La La Land. The novel occurrence to which I refer wasn’t taking my wife out (although it is fairly rare), or the fact I didn’t trough a large bag of popcorn before the trailers had even finished (which I’ve been known […]

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Not That Stevie Wonder Tape Again, Gary!

For the first time in ages, I heard the Stevie Wonder song Master Blaster (Jammin) on the radio this morning . Listening to its upbeat reggae tones with the unmistakable voice of Michigan’s finest emanating from my digital radio, took me on a neurological venture back to spring 1981. In particular it brought to mind a three night trip to London, where I’d been invited to attend a cricket training camp. On this sojourn I was accompanied by my […]

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