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Archive for January 27th, 2017

The North Wind Shall Blow

As we hurtle towards February, like a 5th century Byzantine fleeing Attila the Hun, temperatures have taken a dip in Blighty. The chill isn’t anywhere near as severe as a Canadian winter or the welcome you get at my wife’s parents house. However, winter feels as though it’s finally taken hold of our sceptre isle. The cold reception afforded by Karen’s parents is so severe if you stay too long in their house there’s […]

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Finally Facing Your Waterloo

Yesterday, I was asked by someone what my favourite lessons were at school. As they concluding over thirty years ago, I don’t recollect much about my schooldays. That being said, I was just about able to recall History, PE and English as my most favoured classes. I was an average student, but probably could have done better academically if I’d found the topics in the syllabus more fulfilling. Not to mention if I’d shown more application when studying. I passed my […]

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