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Archive for January 19th, 2017

In A State Of Veg Rotation

I made a vegetarian pasta dish for the family tea tonight. Incidentally, despite finding the meal more than palatable, I want to be clear this isn’t the start of yours truly embracing vegetarianism.  To completely cut out the consumption of carnivorous cuisine would currently be too big a shift of my eating habits…… Blimey, I think I may have just broken some sort of record for the number of words […]

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“You Catch More Honey With Flies!”

In a narrative I wrote yesterday, I spoke of my overt scepticism surrounding the topic of old wives tales. During that mini diatribe, I carelessly omitted to touch on the comedic value of misquoted tales of folklore. As I find the mixed up delivery of these words of legend inherently funny, it was something I wanted to rectify in todays offering. An acquaintance of mine can be regularly relied upon to raise a smile with his inadvertent garbling of folklore musings, metaphors and idioms. There […]

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