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Archive for January 18th, 2017

Spray Tan for Corbyn?

Recently sustained by my normal breakfast of choice, marmite on two slices of Kingsmill wholemeal toast, I feel re-energised as I sit down to commence todays narrative. Will my creative juices fulfil me as much of the juices of the orange drink that accompanied the toasted bread? Only time will tell. Of late, I’ve set myself a challenge of writing more than one blog per day. Although admittedly I’m not sure what the driver is for this […]

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Chronicles From Around The Cauldron

Yesterday I wrote of all things philosophical. Well not all things, I mainly conveyed the fictional philosophy imparted by an equally fictional Frenchman named Aidan Le Torche. Today I want to touch upon the lower end of the guidance/advice market by discussing old wives tales. Depending on your inclination, these sound bites of yore are advocated as gospel truth to be followed to the letter, whereas others dismiss them as […]

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