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Karen, Have You Recorded Truffles?

Unusually, I watched TV programme Escape to the Country this afternoon. I say unusually, as I don’t often give daytime TV house space. I don’t recall much about the show that seeks dream countryside residences for it participants, other than Alice and Rashid thought the mystery house was surprisingly spacious. Deeming daytime TV as the broadcasting equivalent of a gossip laden, soap opera festooned and relationship advice loaded woman’s magazine, I ordinarily avoid daylight schedules […]

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It’s January 13th today. Not a notable day as such, unless it’s your birthday or you win tonight’s lottery, or perhaps are a scientist who on this fateful day discovers the chemical element plumium. Actually 13th   January will probably be a notable day for millions, particularly those of a superstitious disposition as it was a Friday. Strike the first paragraph, and you in Edinburgh try not to…

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Sentiments of the Well Meaning

Yesterday a friend, who has been hugely supportive of my blogging, offered feedback about a recently published David Bowie tribute monologue, which I posted on the recent anniversary of his passing. They informed me that, although it made them laugh, they felt there were too many blags (silly fictional references) and not enough deference to Bowie’s genius.  I was appreciative of their openness and honesty. After all, nothing comes from […]

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