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Archive for January 5th, 2017

There’s 15 More Beans In That Tin, Mags!

With my dad still unable to drive any real distance, I transported him and my mum to the White Rose Centre this morning for their weekly food shop. To clarify, by transporting my parents I’m referring to driving them to the shopping centre in my trusty Astra motorcar. Not teleporting them Star Trek like from their Wakefield home to the south Leeds shopping centre. I wouldn’t possibly be able to do […]

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Sleep – Not A Right, A Privilege?

The levels of my overnight sporadic insomnia hit new heights at 2am this morning. Leaving my slumber at that time, I spent the next hour and a half writing a blog instead of the ordinarily prudent option of attempting to return to the Land of Nod. Laid in bed with my iPad, those ninety minutes or so were constructively utilised penning a fictional blog about my wife winning a hat […]

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