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Archive for January 2nd, 2017

Digging The Dancing Queen

Late on Saturday evening as we hurtled toward 2017, Karen and I were guests at a local house party. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening where I mixed my drinks, my words when singing Auld Lang Syne and with amiable company. It’s the first new years house party I’ve attended for decades. Obviously, the conversation topics are a tad different now I’m in my 50’s to the last time I saw New Year in at […]

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Good Will Power Hunting

Yesterday, I was talking to a family member who told me that their new years resolution was to stop smoking. It was a bit of a surprise as I’d not realised my 10 year old nephew was a smoker, but credit to the kid for trying to break the habit. That was only a joke by the way………. My nephew told me there is no way he’s going to abstain from his regular […]

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