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Sutton Dressed As Lamb

Despite my team being conspicuous by their absence following Sunday’s abject footballing performance in the London Borough of Sutton, I still made the effort to watch yesterday evenings 5th round FA Cup draw on TV. Admittedly, I’m not overly sure what my motive was to witness the event, particularly when I had no vested interest in the outcome. Perhaps I was hoping to be entertained with similar bizarre behaviour displayed during last weeks Scottish FA Cup draw, when an […]

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Lounge Loitering in Leeds

After a pain free car journey in rush hour traffic on the Leeds inner ring road, followed by breakfast muffin sustenance in the Bexley Wing Costa coffee, I’m now invigorated and ready for the day ahead. Getting out of bed for Karen’s early appointment with her oncologist required some effort today. In fact, it took a crow bar and the Cross Gates tug-of-war team to drag me unceremoniously from my […]

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I encountered a new experience in movie watching on Saturday afternoon, when my wife and I ventured to the Everyman cinema in Leeds city centre, where we took in the movie La La Land. The novel occurrence to which I refer wasn’t taking my wife out (although it is fairly rare), or the fact I didn’t trough a large bag of popcorn before the trailers had even finished (which I’ve been known […]

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Not That Stevie Wonder Tape Again, Gary!

For the first time in ages, I heard the Stevie Wonder song Master Blaster (Jammin) on the radio this morning . Listening to its upbeat reggae tones with the unmistakable voice of Michigan’s finest emanating from my digital radio, took me on a neurological venture back to spring 1981. In particular it brought to mind a three night trip to London, where I’d been invited to attend a cricket training camp. On this sojourn I was accompanied by my […]

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The North Wind Shall Blow

As we hurtle towards February, like a 5th century Byzantine fleeing Attila the Hun, temperatures have taken a dip in Blighty. The chill isn’t anywhere near as severe as a Canadian winter or the welcome you get at my wife’s parents house. However, winter feels as though it’s finally taken hold of our sceptre isle. The cold reception afforded by Karen’s parents is so severe if you stay too long in their house there’s […]

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Finally Facing Your Waterloo

Yesterday, I was asked by someone what my favourite lessons were at school. As they concluding over thirty years ago, I don’t recollect much about my schooldays. That being said, I was just about able to recall History, PE and English as my most favoured classes. I was an average student, but probably could have done better academically if I’d found the topics in the syllabus more fulfilling. Not to mention if I’d shown more application when studying. I passed my […]

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