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“Dad, Uncle Jimmy Has Fallen On The Record Player”

It’s the last day of the year 2016. A twelve months that saw a Brexit vote, Donald Trump become the USA’s president elect, the grim reaper claiming an inordinate number of celebrities and the barely unexpected England team’s abject performance in this summer’s European Football Championships. The above just a soupcon of incidents in 2016 incurring the wrath of millions, making it an ‘annus horribilis’ for many who won’t remember this last year with any fondness. Additionally, it was […]

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Unwanted Gift, Unwanted Guest

After penning a narrative yesterday about my dad, who is a poorly chap at the minute, I was heartened to be the recipient of kind feedback, along with good wishes from family and friends. Amongst this was a request for me to write more about him (Mally) as “…he seems a really nice guy.” This request surprised me a tad as it came from my mum, who’s been married to him for 56 years! […]

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One Day More, Mally!

As I pen this narrative, I’m currently sitting at the Bexley oncology wing with my dad (Mally). My mum, who is also in attendance, reckons today is his penultimate radiotherapy session. Although I’m pretty sure she’s incorrect and it’s his second last treatment. As I write this he is filling his time reading a tabloid newspaper. It is a publication that regularly feels it has a moral duty to scaremonger about severe weather forecasts, […]

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My Bus Is Always Half Empty

I ventured by contemporary omnibus with my wife into Leeds city centre yesterday afternoon. In half empty bus through grit covered windows,  our journey encompassed sights of the salubrious and less salubrious suburban sights of our West Yorkshire metropolis . The psychoanalysts among you may say that by penning ‘half empty bus’, as opposed to ‘half full bus’, indicates a pessimistic outlook on my part. However, I’d refute that accusation by arguing that, unlike in the maxim […]

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You Think You Know Your Kids

I learnt on Boxing Day that my 26 year old son Jonny has a favourite Christmas tree ornament from his childhood. I learnt this when he pointed out the aforementioned bauble, which still plays an integral part in the overall décor of our yuletide tree. With not being previously party to this piece of minutia, it made me ponder what other favourite things had thus far remained clandestine in the […]

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Inspiration From A Proper Leeds Writer

Following the end of yuletide festivities with the family, things are a bit flat in chez Strachan today. I’m home alone this afternoon and, while I wait for slapdash intruders Merv and Harry to arrive, I am attempting to pen a second blog of the day. Will I succeed in achieving this objective? Well, if I don’t you’ll be none the wiser as there will be no additional published piece on today. […]

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What Would The Hairy Bikers Do?

It’s with a recycle bin full of wrapping paper and woeful cracker jokes, a fridge full of the remnants of Boxing Day’s buffet and a stomach full of various festive confectionery, that I start my first blog in a few days. I’m so bloated I’ve not even broken into the large box of wine gums that sits tempting me a couple of feet away. I love the fruit flavoured gelatine […]

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