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Bobbing For Apples

It’s Halloween in several countries today. A time of fancy dress, decorating of pumpkins and kids being hyper after eating six bags of Haribo gummy bears, four lollies and eighteen sherbet dips! Blimey, I’m showing my age there! Can you still get sherbet dips? In my youth, hours of football and cricket were fueled by sherbet dips. I’m not sure if they can be classed as a performance enhancing drug. […]

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You Look Ten Years Younger!

I shaved my beard off the other day. Not news of much interest, admittedly, unless perhaps you’re the editor of ‘Northern Men’s Facial Hair Removal’ magazine, but if you bear with me it’ll become clear why I brought it up. Following my shave, I was flattered when told that with my beard free mush I looked ten years younger. Well I  was until they said I looked 60 with the beard; […]

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Allan Clarke’s Sock Tags

I’ve titled this blog ‘Allan Clarke’s Sock Tags’ for no other reason than I’m going to write about Allan Clarke’s sock tags! If I’d have written about Peter Lorimer’s sock tags, I’d have titled it ‘Peter Lorimer’s Sock Tags’. If I’d have written about Billy Bremner’s sock tags, I’d have titled it …………. Alright, alright you’ve got it!………. Blimey, no need to shout! Leeds Utd striker Clarke or Sniffer, as […]

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Karma, You’re Kidding Right?!

The other day, someone asked what I find the most challenging part of being the carer of a partner with an incurable illness . That isn’t an easy question to answer, after all there are several challenging elements to this rollercoaster ride. There are a myriad of emotions I regularly go through, including anger, frustration, bitterness and profound sadness. Very few positives cross my mind on the bad days! If […]

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They Don’t Write Themselves You Know!

One of the hardest things about writing a daily blog is picking a subject to write about. On most mornings I sit with a blank page in front of me, with a cuppa or glass of water, searching for a topic which could potentially elicit between 500 – 700 words. Karen saw me struggling for a subject this morning, so suggested I write about existentialised nimbolic protocons. I thought about […]

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When JFK Dug In His Cuban Heels

The world gave a huge sigh of relief on this day in 1962, when an agreement to resolve the Cuban missile crisis was reached by the USA and the Soviet Union. The historic accord averted the immediate threat of nuclear war between the two superpowers. The crisis started a fortnight earlier when a United States U2 reconnaissance plane spotted the existence of Soviet missiles on Cuban soil; giving them capacity […]

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If I Could Turn Back Time!

This weekend, there’s a lot being said on social media about the end of British Summer Time (BST) and the subsequent hour gained. Don’t get me wrong I’m not adverse to this, but I find the extra time I get is spent changing the chuffing clocks and watches back an hour! When BST was first implemented in 1916, during WWI, clocks and watches were very different from those we use […]

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