Raccoons, Crisp Portions & Niagra Falls

It’s been a quiet few days in Chez Strachan. Apart from a piano lesson, some gardening and posting a picture of a raccoon hitching a ride on the back of an alligator on Facebook, I’ve not done a great deal.

The raccoon picture was one of those random sights I couldn’t resist sharing. Bizarrely, whilst looking on Twitter earlier someone had retweeted a picture of a raccoon carrying a cat!

A raccoon carrying a cat? … Or a person in a raccoon suit carrying a cat? ….. Like the JFK assassination we’ll never know the truth!

Cat Raccoon

I’m not sure whether seeing two off the wall pictures of raccoons in two days is coincidental, or if it’s Wacky Raccoon Picture Week or something! Who cares anyway? ……. Apart from the raccoons possibly!

A raccoon hitching a ride from an alligator…..

Alligator Raccoon


Oh I nearly forgot, we’ve done a weekly food shop as well since my last blog! All very uninteresting stuff, although I was interested (nearly) to see how the multi bag of crisps we bought had been marketed. The manufacturers were obviously aiming to sell their product from an environmentally friendly angle, with a strap line of ‘Same six bags. 30% less packaging’

That didn’t really sell it to me, to be honest. I purchased the multi-pack because I like the product. When I got home I was surprised to see that they had only saved 30% on the packaging. After all, there seemed about 50% less crisps per bag!

Gary Lineker – FA Cup eared, crisp pilfering, Match of The Day presenter….. Note: The crisps I’m referring to weren’t Walkers!


If I really could be bothered I’d pen a vitriolic letter to the BBC TV consumer programme ‘Watchdog’. But I don’t want to run the risk of meeting scary presenter Anne Robinson, or really give a chuff …… So I won’t bother!

Anne Robinson. Should I let her fight for potato snack portion justice?! … Nah!

anne robinson

Perhaps the company should market it from a health perspective, ie less packaging, less salt and less calories! However, it’s unlikely to happen as they’re not going to advertise to the customer they’re getting less crisps!


God, I’m struggling to find stuff to write about today! Has anyone out there been up to anything interesting? ……. You in Huddersfield, have you been up to much?! I’ve got space to fill! …….. What’s that?! …….. No you haven’t apart from taking pictures of your raccoon playing table tennis with a squirrel and complaining to your MP about multi bag snack portions shrinking!

Well that’s killed that conversation!


I was chatting to my mum on the phone yesterday. They are having a new boiler as the one they’ve had for twenty five years has finally packed in. I was amused to hear that, on agreeing a price, my dad dropped the bombshell of asking the gas fitter “Are you qualified to undertake the job?!”

My mum said the only noises you could hear were a pin and the fitters jaw drop! …. Good old dad!

A Gas Fitter – Dont worry he’s qualified!…


I am going around to their house on Thursday to garden, when the new boiler is being fitted. I’ve been asked to keep my dad out of the way! …. Apparently, he has a habit of watching workmen undertaking their jobs, which must annoy the hell out of them!


I’ve just had a coffee in an out of town coffee shop. I overheard two old guys at the next table discussing erectile dysfunction. One of the guys told the other he found Niagra always helped when he suffered from the condition.

The other guy asked “Do you not mean Viagra?!”, to which he responded “No Niagra. I get strangely aroused by watching waterfalls!”

Niagra Falls – Admittedly, its an impressive geological feature. However, I’m not sure I find it as alluring as the old guy in the coffee shop!



Right, I’m going to do a few jobs. After all the oven doesn’t clean itself …… Well apart from the self cleaning sides, I suppose!


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